Australian Call Answering Services and Live Message

Please look around our website and familiarise yourself with Answering Services. Please contact us for more information or to discuss any specific service requirements you may be after, as were are more than happy to build a flexible solutiong for your Virtual Office needs.

All of our operators speak English as there primary language, and all our call centres are based in Australia. We pay a premium so your calls are answered locally saving local jobs.

For further information regarding our other services you can goto: Answering Service or here for information about 1300 number and 1800 numbers

We are the experts at keeping your calls professional

Pricing Structure - All plans have free setup

Our 1300 Overflow Packages are the most popular configuration for both 1300 or 1800 numbers and Live Answering Services. They give the business owner the fantastic benefits of 1300 or 1800 numbers such as:

  • Call Routing Flexibility - If you move premises, your 1300 or 1800 number comes with you. You can adjust the configuration at any time.
  • Privacy - You don't have to give your customers your Mobile number. Just setup your 1300 service to overflow to your mobile so you don't miss those important calls.
  • Time Based Routing - Automatically connect your after hours calls through to the answering service.
  • Busy and Overflow - Just stress if another call comes in while your on the phone, you can be confident our operators will take your call.

We have a range of plans for 1300 and Live Answering Services to suit every kind of business. Whether your just starting out and don't want to miss those important calls from your customers or your looking to replace your receptionist and forward all your calls through to the Live Answering Service, we have a plan that will suit you.

There is no SETUP fee, and NO contract. We offer our services on a month by month agreement, where we require 30 days written notice for a cancellation. The numbers issued by us for the Live Answering Service are offered to the customer from a range of numbers under our control, they cannot be ported away. 1300 and 1800 numbers belong to the customer and can be churned to any telecommunications supplier in Australia.

Critical Information Summary

1300 CASUAL PACKAGE $50 15 $2.50 each As per below

1300 and 1800 Specific Pricing

1300 and 1800 services also attract a per minute rate for calls received. The rates you pay vary depending on the caller's location and type of phone and your configuration options.

1300 or 1800 Configured to Fixed Line

Local National Mobile
15 Minutes FREE (1300 only).
13.9 cents per minute afterwards.
13.9 cents per minute. 18.5 cents per minute.

1300 or 1800 Configured to Mobile

39 cents per minute.

All prices listed are ex GST. Please read our terms and conditions before making your product selection.

As you can see, Live Answering Services are a powerful service, please contact us if you have further queries.