Australian Call Answering Services and Live Message

Please look around our website and familiarise yourself with Answering Services. Please contact us for more information or to discuss any specific service requirements you may be after, as were are more than happy to build a flexible solutiong for your Virtual Office needs.

All of our operators speak English as there primary language, and all our call centres are based in Australia. We pay a premium so your calls are answered locally saving local jobs.

For further information regarding our other services you can goto: Answering Service or here for information about 1300 number and 1800 numbers

We are the experts at keeping your calls professional


Live Answering Services are a very powerful tool to enhance your businesses appearence, and save you valuable time and resources which would normally be tied up taking calls.

STEP 1 - Greeting

When a call comes into the Live Answering Service, it is answered by the first available operator. This operator reads out the greeting configured such as:

"Thanks for calling Digital Network Innovations, this is Luke speaking, how can I help you?"

STEP 2 - Sorry Unavailable

The operator will then deflect any direct queries with lines such as:

  • "Sorry, I don't have that information, can I take a message and have someone call you back"
  • "Marcus is unavailable at the moment, can I take a message and have him call you back?"

STEP 3 - Take a Message

If the caller wants to leave a message, it will be taken down and submitted through to our system. Our system will then send an email (if configured) and a SMS (if configured).

Complex Configurations - Live Answering Services

We can also configure advanced configurations for our Live Answering Services. This gives us 3 different levels of configuration:

  • Questions - questions and answers in the message sent to you. (max 6)
  • Multi Contact - Used to contact individual persons or departments for your business. SMS and Email address configurations can be supplied for each difference contact, with the message delivered as per normal to that contact. (max 6)
  • Multi Contact Transfer - Used to contact individual persons or departments for your business. Calls are transferred through to a preconfigured fixed line or mobile.(max 6)

It also has the facility to forward the call through to a fixed line or mobile. Depending on the complexity of the configuration we will supply individual quotes for such configurations as well as the relevant call charges if applicable.

As you can see, Live Answering Services are a powerful service, please contact us if you have further queries.